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19. March 2024

tia-abwasser-ebofrost Container

TIA Wastewater is pleased to present its latest innovations in the field of containerised wastewater treatment plants. Since 1987 TIA has been setting standards in water treatment technology and now presents four key technologies that enable comprehensive and efficient purification of wastewater :

TIA PRECON for the pre-treatment of wastewater to pave the way for deep-re purification.
TIA FLOCON uses advanced chemical-physical processes to remove dissolved and emulsified pollutants from the water.
TIA BIOCON uses biological purification processes to break down organic impurities and clarify the water.
TIA ROCON enables the purified water to be treated for reuse within the reutilisation within the company, which saves resources, reduces costs and minimises the environmental impact.

The containerised wastewater treatment plants from TIA are not only efficient and powerful, but also mobile and ready for connection. TIA containerised wastewater treatment plants are delivered in standardised 20 or 40 foot ISO containers, which enables worldwide sea transport. They are tested at the factory and only need to be connected and commissioned on site in a few simple steps.

Depending on requirements, different container systems can be combined with each other or systems of the same type can be operated in parallel. They are also suitable as an extension to existing systems.

These systems can be individually designed or supplied in standardised versions, depending on the specific requirements and needs of the customer.

For more information on our products and services, please contact us.
TIA Wastewater Technology - Innovative, Reliable, Sustainable.


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