The Company TIA

Founded in February 1987 by Dr.-Eng. Norbert Müller-Blanke

Since 1987 TIA Technologien zur Industrie-Abwasser-Behandlung GmbH has been offering solutions to problems that industrial companies and municipalities have with their wastewater.

Systems Engineering

Since its foundation, TIA has been building turnkey, tailor-made wastewater treatment plants for the pre-treatment and full purification of wastewater up to reuse or wastewater recycling. TIA's system technology, which combines chemical, physical and biological processes of wastewater treatment in three systems, has proven its worth:

The large and long experience in the construction of sewage treatment plants in various industries and company sizes as well as in municipalities is the background on which we tailor a sewage treatment plant to the requirements of our customers. TIA supplies customers in many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Arabic region.

In most countries, local partners take on tasks in consulting and after-sales service, always in coordination and against the background of TIA's experience in wastewater technology since 1987. Research projects in the wastewater sector ensure the further development of TIA system technology, for example through new developments for microplastic elimination

Construction of sewage treatment plants

The first order was placed in the founding year with Phoenix AG in Hamburg, a supplier to the automotive industry. This was followed by further orders in Germany for various types of industrial companies. In 1997, the first order was processed abroad: a sewage treatment plant for a recycling company in the Netherlands. Since then, TIA GmbH has been successfully designing and building wastewater treatment plants not only in Germany but also abroad. The first non-European order was placed in 1998 with a company in Malaysia.

Extensive experience can also be drawn on in the municipal sector: Since 1987, service and maintenance work for municipal sewage treatment plants has been carried out in addition to the construction of new sewage treatment plants. In 2003, the first solely responsible management of a municipal sewage plant was started in the municipality of Güster in Schleswig-Holstein.

TIA GmbH's largest project to date was the planning and construction of a central wastewater treatment plant for all industrial wastewater in the country of Kuwait: 7,500 m³ of wastewater from a wide range of industrial sectors are transported to the plant by approx. 300 tankers per day and processed into service water for agricultural irrigation.


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