Benefit for our customers

Our services round off our range of services. All work is carried out professionally and reliably by our experienced employees. Abroad we work together with proven and trained partners.

What we offer our customers

To support the operation of wastewater treatment plants, we offer our customers in industry and municipalities a range of services. Among others:

Technical Survey

You want to change, expand or simply document your water management. Our engineers will help you to professionally record and present the status quo. You will receive documentation that supports the operation of the plant and simplifies the obligation to provide evidence.


Many wastewater treatment plants are inadequately or outdatedly documented. Together with you, we will prepare up-to-date documentation that reflects the current process engineering conditions, which will ensure that new employees can operate the plant and that you can make decisions on the basis of this documentation, which will give you security in your operations and vis-à-vis the authorities.

Process engineering optimization

Aggregates, dosing devices for chemicals, control functions etc. should be checked from time to time. Not least with regard to operating costs. Our process engineers will do this for you from an experienced, extended perspective.

Staff training

Wir schulen Ihre Mitarbeiter in der Bedienung der Kläranlage, zeigen Routinen für die Überwachung und Lösungsmöglichkeiten bei möglichen Störungen auf. Nicht nur neue Mitarbeiter werden in den Betrieb Ihrer Kläranlage eingewiesen. Auch erfahrene Kollegen können ihr Wissen festigen und erweitern und damit noch sicherer in der täglichen Praxis werden. Die Schulungen finden in Ihrem Betrieb statt.

DAS - Data Analysis Service

On the basis of regular data transmission, our process engineers monitor the operating function remotely. The data is continuously evaluated by us and converted into system-relevant variables which are displayed graphically. In this way, biological systems in particular are analysed, trends are shown and recommendations for operation are given. On the basis of the DAS, accidents can also be quickly detected and "repaired".

Key figures

We evaluate the cost-relevant data of your waste water treatment (energy consumption, personnel expenses, use of chemicals, expenses for disposal, etc.) and convert them into key figures that enable direct comparison with similar plants for the same or similar applications/industries. You also receive (anonymised) direct comparison figures. The key figures enable you to assess which components should be optimized from a business perspective or whether waste disposal costs can be reduced.

Maintenance, servicing, repair

for industry and municipalities. We are happy to take on this work for you, so that the value and reliability of your sewage treatment plant is maintained and you have an overall low cost.

Special service

Especially for our municipal customers we offer:

  • Management of municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Operational management of pond treatment plants

All work is carried out professionally and reliably by our experienced employees. Abroad we work together with proven and trained partners.

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