Rental sewage treatment plants

Mobile and well proven

There are many operational situations where a quick and easy solution to temporary wastewater problems is needed.

Temporary assignment at the customer

In addition to the TIA sewage treatment plant construction, TIA offers mobile rental sewage treatment plants for temporary use by the customer. The TIA rental sewage treatment plants are well proven:

  • To purify increased waste water quantities in the short term
  • To compensate for a temporary shutdown of the company's own sewage treatment plant
  • To carry out tests on the suitability of a particular cleaning process
  • To test a process for effluent values achievable in practice
  • To determine required quantities of chemicals for a specific process
  • Etc.

The mobile sewage treatment plants can be adapted to the respective application.
The cleaned and checked rental sewage treatment plant is then delivered to the customer and, if desired, connected and commissioned by TIA. A briefing of the operating personnel follows afterwards. It is possible to accompany the operation through agreed visits or support on site or via data exchange.

Two different types of rental wastewater treatment plants

Depending on the task, different rental sewage treatment plants are used. Also the rental period and the extent of the support is individually coordinated.

Rental flotation

  • Capacity approx. 8 m³ / hour (depending on wastewater load)
  • Available at the weekly price
  • TIA pressure-relief flotation plant (DAF) with upstream precipitation / neutralization / flocculation
  • Complete, automated plant with volume-proportional chemical dosing
  • Two-phase dispersion pump

Biological rental sewage treatment plant

  • Container plant up to 75m³ / day
  • External bio-reactor possible
  • Noise-protected blower for oxygen supply
  • Automatic control system
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