Optimierte Kläranlagen in der MENA-Region

19. December 2022

TIA-Abwassertechnik starts a new research project in the MENA region

TIA-Abwassertechnik is developing a novel, climate-friendly anaerobic technology to pre-treat municipal wastewater in combination with an additional treatment stage.

In many MENA countries municipal wastewater treatment plants have to treat concentrated wastewater due to low per capita water consumption. This is associated with high energy and operating costs, as well as the extreme emission of greenhouse gases.

The technology developed by TIA-Abwassertechnik not only enables energy savings. By using the resulting biogas, energy is gained and greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. This is associated with a reduction in operating costs and sludge disposal at the same time.

The TIA wastewater technology project provides the basis for this new technology to be introduced as an upstream treatment stage in the existing wastewater treatment plants in Jordan.

With our project partners, the Technical University of Berlin and p2m Berlin GmbHwe are looking forward to the development of the technology and its practical implementation in Jordan.

TIA-Abwassertechnik would like to thank the BMUV (Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection) for the positive review of our project and for their support.


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