Juhayna Group, a food company from Egypt, receives award for ecological corporate governance

12. August 2022

TIA Wastewater Technology commissioned the wastewater treatment plant for El Dawleya, a company from Egypt, in 2018.

TIA client Juhaynaa major food company in Egypt, has received the 2022 Ecological Corporate Governance Award for one of its operations called El Dawleya for Modern Food Industries Co. This award highlights companies that optimise energy consumption, minimise water use as well as prevent environmental pollution from wastewater.

At Juhayna's El Dawleya facility, located in 6th of October, fruit juices and beverages are produced and packaged. At this plant, TIA has installed and commissioned an on-site wastewater treatment plant.

Since the commissioning of the treatment plant, TIA has been assisting the client to monitor the functioning of the TIA treatment plant and suggest adjustments to El Dawleya if necessary.

TIA is pleased with Juhayna / El Dawleya for this significant award and confirmation of good work.


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