"ReUse" reuse of treated wastewater

30. September 2020


UV-LED disinfection and the TIA R+D acquifer for the regeneration of drinking water successfully completed

The objective of TIA Technologien zur Industrie-Abwasser-Behandlung GmbH, drinking water quality to generate from sewage plant water and to treat it for reuse, shows surprisingly good results. In countries where the re-use of used water to drinking water, this combination of UV-LED disinfection and the TIA floor passage, an innovative and cost-effective, almost solution for the production of drinking water is available free of operating costs.

With only very low operating costs - also possible via solar operation – a downstream LED-UV system converts the water to drinking water quality.

In a 2-stage TIA acquifer sewage plant water is separated from nitrogenous and organic loads. Floating sludge particles are safely retained.

With the correct design, a significant reduction of the organic load is achieved here alone. and ammonium and nitrite. The colony-forming germs are produced in the acquifer reduced by 90%. For operation only minor monitoring and, if necessary rough cleaning is necessary.

The development project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy has thus for the reuse of treated waste water and surface water showed surprisingly good results.

We would like to thank the Technische Hochschule Ulm for the good and successful cooperation in this research project.


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