Adaptable TIA wastewater treatment plants

23. سبتمبر 2021

The National Water Strategy of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) provides for a redesign of wastewater charges. This is intended to provide even stronger incentives to reduce water pollution from municipal and industrial wastewater. Additional dirigiste measures by politicians are to be expected in the future.

For this reason, all companies with own on-site wastewater treatment plant should consider optimising their treatment plant in good time. It may already be possible to achieve cost reductions through intelligent changes in wastewater treatment.

In addition, the possibility and usefulness of wastewater recycling can be examined.

Since 1987, with the TIA-COMPACT-System and the modular system, TIA has been offering wastewater treatment plants for industry and municipalities that can be adapted to changing conditions in a technically safe and economical way. Thus, an increase in production can raise wastewater inflow volumes, or changes in production can change the load of the wastewater.

In all these situations, TIA Wastewater Technologies is at your side - regardless of whether you are already a TIA customer or not.


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